About Us

The club

Littleover Taekwon-Do is a family orientated Taekwon-Do club which took up it’s independent status in 2007. We teach ITF Chang Hon style Taekwon-Do and we are part of Authentic Taekwon-Do England.

We are also registered with the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association.

We follow a set grading structure that allows steady progression through the art up to black belt level and beyond.

The Instructors

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The syllabus

See our syllabus page.


We are not a business and try as much as possible to keep training costs to a minimum.  Family groups are encouraged to attend.

Our current fees can be seen here

We collect payment monthly, in advance, via bank transfer. We ask students to commit to the full month. This helps us manage the class size cost effectively, and regular attendance is essential to making progress. Some fees (e.g. grading fees) are collected via Spond.

Sparring equipment is essential for protection when you start sparring. Students are permitted to spar after successfully passing their first grading. See our equipment list for more information.

We recommend purchasing gear from Academy Sports in Derby. When you visit Academy Sports please let them know you are attending Littleover Taekwon-Do so they know to provide the appropriate gear. Alternatively, if you wish to purchase online, please try Martial Arts Pro Direct. If sparring kit is purchased from elsewhere we can’t guarantee it will be acceptable for use within LTKD so please check with us first.

Doboks (the white suits we train in) are ordered via your instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you would like to join our club please download and complete a registration form. Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS. Thank you.