Frequently Asked Questions

What age do you have to be to train?

We accept students aged 8 upwards.

All we ask is that you are physically capable and able to concentrate. You do not have to be super fit to join, but you will get fitter if you do. (Mums and Dads have no excuse!)

Do you offer an adults only class?

Unfortunately not at this time. Please contact us to discuss your training needs and we can advise further.

How often do you train?

Our regular scheduled class is one a week – Monday, 6:30pm to 8pm.

We sometimes do additional classes, to perhaps focus on specific areas. These are typically on Sunday evenings due to hall availability.

Do you offer a free trial lesson?

Yes we do. Please contact us first though to ensure we have capacity and we can book a mutually convenient date for your trial lesson. 

What do I need to bring with me to a class?

To your first class please bring a bottle of water to drink during the session, as you can get hot and sweaty when running round. (Only water or squash please – no fizzy pop). 

What do I wear?

For your first few lessons, you can wear jogging bottoms and a t-shirt (something easy to move in) with bare feet. After you have been for a few lessons and decide to continue attending you will need to purchase a dobok which should be worn every lesson with a belt.

Please note that no jewellery of any kind is permitted to be worn during training. If you have jewellery that can’t be removed it must be completely wrapped up.

How long does it take to gain a Black Belt?

It takes a minimum of three years to attain Black Belt and this is if you attend training on a regular basis and show a commitment to the martial art. Typically most students who get to Black Belt level take around five years.

It’s not just about elapsed time; it’s also depends on the amount of training hours, and the students ability to be eligible, attend and pass grading opportunities.  

How physical is the martial art?

Taekwon-Do is a contact art and is therefore physical in parts. However self-control is a big part of what we teach. A reasonable level of fitness is required to progress through the grades. Please bear in mind that although very rare, sometimes injuries can occur. Please review our assumption of risk.

Is ITF style Taekwon-Do for me?

The only way to know this is to come and have a go but please accept that we will be honest and if we do not think it is for you we will tell you.