As well as physical moves and patterns learning theory is Tae Kwon Do is an important part of the syllabus. Below are the theory sheets for each of the grades up to and including black belt.

You are expected to know all the theory up to your grade, so as you progress through the grades remember to revise the old stuff as well as the new.

White belt – 10th_kup

White belt/Yellow tag – 9th_kup

Yellow belt – 8th_kup

Yellow belt/Green tag – 7th_kup

Green belt – 6th_kup

Green belt – Two_step_sparring

Green belt/Blue tag – 5th_kup

Blue belt – 4th_kup

Blue belt/Red tag – 3rd_kup

Red belt – 2nd_kup

Red belt/Black tag – 1st_kup

Black Belt – senior_theory