On this page we have movies of the patterns you need to know to progress from 9th kup through to 1st dan. Each pattern is demonstrated by one of the instructors at the club.

These movies are provided as a guide to learn patterns you are learning in class, or as a refresher for patterns you have already learnt. They are not intended to teach you new patterns.

Note: Since initially filming these (some years ago) the style has adapted slightly, so don’t be surprised if it’s demonstrated to you slightly differently in class.

9th Kup (White belt/Yellow tag) – Chon-Ji

8th Kup (Yellow belt) – Dan-Gun

7th Kup (Yellow belt/Green tag) – Do-San

6th Kup (Green belt) – Won-Hyo

5th Kup (Green belt/Blue tag) – Yul-Gok

4th Kup (Blue belt) – Joong-Gun

3rd Kup (Blue belt/Red tag) – Toi-Gye

2nd Kup (Red belt) – Hwa-Rang

1st Kup (Red belt/Black tag) – Choong-Moo

1st Dan Black Belt: