Littleover Taekwon-Do uses photography for one of three reasons.

Membership and Grading

We will require an upper body / head & shoulders photograph of the student for membership and grading purposes. The photograph may be used in membership related material (e.g. membership books) and on grading cards.

Parents / guardians who do not wish their child to be photographed for this purpose should speak to the instructor. Please note it may impact the child ability to progress through Taekwon-Do.

Assist in Teaching

Occasionally it is helpful to video the student performing Taekwon-Do to replay to them so they can see for themselves how they are performing a move, or sequence of moves, from an external viewpoint. LTKD uses the built in iOS video app that enables recorded footage to be analysed in slow motion. The student will be advised they are going to be recorded before each use. The footage will only be used by LTKD instructors for the purposes of teaching. In some instances the footage may be shown to other Authentic instructors for the purposes of feedback or supporting grading assessments.

Parents / guardians who do not wish their child to be videoed as per above should speak to the instructor.


LTKD may take a class photograph for use on this website, including our public Facebook page and Twitter account. LTKD may also take photographs of presentations that are of significant interest. This might include Black Belt awards, or competition wins. It would not normally include coloured belt grading awards.

Parents / guardians may request a photograph containing their child is removed by contacting us. For group photographs the child’s picture may be redacted or otherwise obscured to enable the rest of the photograph to be used.


The instructors can answer any questions or concerns parents may have.