Self defence (1 step sparring) session


We have arranged a dedicated session on self defence / 1 step sparring with Shepshed Taekwondo club.

The session will be held on Sunday 30th October, 2pm to 5pm, at Heatherton.

It is available for blue belts and above, including black belts.

Due to the slight longer time we are hiring the call, it’s £5 per student.

Thank you


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2 Responses to Self defence (1 step sparring) session

  1. Shaun Bhatia says:

    Hi Jamie, just to let you know that it is Diwali on the Sunday, so I expect that quite a few of us will not be able to attend…

  2. jamie says:

    Hi Shaun. Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I had limited scheduling options, working with hall availability, and trying to get the session sorted before the Black Belt prelim & grading late November.

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