Authentic TKD Virtual Patterns Competition

Obviously due to the COVID-19 situation this year, TKD competitions haven’t been taking place. Therefore Authentic TKD are having a ‘virtual’ patterns competition.

For further information please click here.

There is no fee, so I’d like every coloured belt student to have a go.

As you will see from the details, the entry will be filmed in class, and then made available (privately) to the other Authentic TKD instructors to view and mark.

I’m planning to do the filming on 19th October and/or 2nd November. (Club isn’t running over half term).

Students are given two attempts, and then can I pick the best attempt for submission.

For parents/carers – if your child doesn’t want to take part, or you don’t want them filmed, please let me know before Monday 2nd November (at the latest).

Thank you,

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