LTKD re-opening September 2020


I am considering re-opening the club in September. At this stage I’m looking to get a feel for the number of students that would be interested in training again.

Training will be a little different for the foreseeable. Whilst I’ve yet to work out all the details, the key points so far are as follows.

  1. To maintain distancing I’ll only be able to train 12 students in a class.
  2. I’ll need to implement some kind of booking system to secure a slot in the class.
  3. To avoid using cash payment will need to be made online when the slot is reserved (probably via Paypal or bank transfer). Once a slot is reserved, it will likely be non refundable in event of no show.
  4. Class cost will be £5 per student.
  5. Class timing will still be 7pm to 8:30pm. Training time will be targeted to be 80 minutes, which allows time for students to come in and leave in a controlled manner.
  6. There will be no toilet breaks. This is due to distancing restrictions within the toilets, and the cleaning requirements it introduces.
  7. Training will focus on the parts of the syllabus that don’t require close contact. For example, technical work, patterns, exercising. So initially we don’t be able to spar for example.

I’m looking at an online system that will help management membership, bookings, payments. Watch this space.

I recognise this is a different way of operating to what we are used to. At this stage I’m looking to get approximate numbers. If you are interested in you / your child starting training in September can you please let me know. If there is sufficient interest then I’ll progress and advise further.

Thank you


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